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This electric trailer lets you charge your EV while exploring the great outdoors

Published Dec 8th, 2022 2:47PM EST
a teardrop EV charging trailer
Image: Colorado Teardrops

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Electric cars are slowly becoming one of the main types of vehicles that people drive, but up until now, there’s been at least one area that they fall short of when compared to gas-powered alternatives – exploring the great outdoors. We’ve seen some electric trucks pop up but going off the beaten path in an EV can be difficult. That could change thanks to a new EV charging trailer from Colorado Teardrops.

The trailer, which is called The Boulder, is designed to work with electric vehicles, allowing people who own electric cars to go off the grid a bit more than they normally might. It does this by doubling as both a living space with room for four, as well as several EV batteries built into the frame.

The built-in batteries make it possible for EV owners to head out on the open road without having to worry about stopping to recharge their cars at stations along their routes. The company behind The Boulder says that the EV charging trailer was designed to withstand Colorado’s terrain and changing weather conditions. That makes it perfect for rain, heat, snow, and ice.

Additionally, because it comes with room for up to four, plus pets, you can take family members with you without having to worry about packing a ton of extra camping gear. And, if camping isn’t your thing, then you can always set it up for glamping with a ton of personalization options that the company offers.

Seeing EVs get more support for more parts of our lives is exciting, and this EV charging trailer is just one way that companies are trying to tackle the “problems” surrounding electric cars. Other solutions for these problems come in the form of faster-charging EV batteries, and even an electric car that can travel up to 600 miles on a single tank of seawater.

The Boulder is currently available to reserve on Colorado Teardrop’s website. An exact release date has yet to be shared.

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