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What a Tesla Model S looks like after it bursts into flames while charging

Tesla Model S Fast Charging Fire

Tesla is rightly proud of its awesome car-charging technology, but what happens when that technology fails? ExtremeTech directs our attention to a report from Norwegian publication NRK that shows us what happens when a Tesla Model S suddenly bursts into flames while powering up at a supercharger station. In short: It’s not pretty.

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Here’s a photo of the car taken NRK:

NRK says that there were no people inside the vehicle when it caught fire, which is a relief since it’s pretty thoroughly torched. It seems that this fire was particularly difficult to put out since it was an electrical fire — in other words, just dousing the car in water would have made things much worse. The local fire department came in and used foam to douse the flames after closing off the area around the burning vehicle.

Tesla tells NRK that it’s investigating the cause of this fire while emphasizing that its charging stations are safe to use wherever you find them.

At any rate, we’re glad to see no one was hurt during the blaze, although we imagine there’s a very sad Tesla owner in Norway who is dearly missing his poor destroyed electric car.

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