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California wildfires are no match for Tesla’s advanced ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’

Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode

Tesla’s “Bioweapon Defense Mode” feature is proving to be quite effective for California Tesla owners when it comes to withstanding the ongoing wildfires out west. As a quick refresher, the “Bioweapon Defense Mode” feature works to diminish the impact polluted air can have on a vehicle’s occupants.

Tesla notes that the feature was “inspired by the air filtration systems used in hospitals, clean rooms, and the space industry” and boasts that it’s capable of removing pollen, bacteria, and other types of outside pollution from the air before it enters the car.

“The end result,” Tesla notes, “is a filtration system hundreds of times more efficient than standard automotive filters, capable of providing the driver and her passengers with the best possible cabin air quality no matter what is happening in the environment around them.”

Tesla is certainly no stranger to making ambitious claims that don’t necessarily hold up, but the company’s “Bioweapon Defense Mode” feature really appears to be living up to the hype.

With the air quality in California getting increasingly worse, a Tesla owner over the weekend posted a video of the feature in action.

Bioweapon defense mode at its finest. from teslamotors

Teslerati adds:

The Tesla enthusiast mentioned that Bioweapon Defense Mode significantly helped with the air quality in the cabin as they passed through an area that was practically surrounded by fires. The vehicle’s Autopilot system reportedly functioned normally, following lane lines without any difficulties despite the conditions on the road.

Of course, nothing overt or dramatic happens in the video but it does illustrate the type of conditions the feature is designed to help combat.

Another Tesla owner in California posted the following to Twitter a few days ago:

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