The running battle between T-Mobile and Verizon has heated up in the last day. As of this morning, Verizon has an unlimited data plan that actually competes on features and price with T-Mobile. For heavy data users, it actually looked better, thanks to HD video streaming and generous mobile tethering.

But T-Mobile’s feisty CEO John Legere doesn’t like being publicly shamed, so he took to Twitter to announce some changes to T-Mobile’s ONE plan that should put the company back in front.

According to Legere’s tweets, T-Mobile One will now include HD video streaming and 10GB of mobile tethering for every customer, every month. Those used to be add-ons that you’d have to pay $25 per month to get as part of T-Mobile’s pricier plan.

Adding those changes onto T-Mobile One should push the balance back in T-Mobile’s direction for heavy data users. As we outlined earlier today, T-Mobile’s plans are significantly cheaper, especially if you have a couple lines. Previously, T-Mobile One didn’t include any 4G hotspot data, but rather only let you tether at 512Kbps, which is too slow to get real work done.

Legere also announced that two lines on T-Mobile One now costs $100 rather than $120, but it’s unclear if that is a temporary promotion or T-Mobile’s new base pricing. If that’s just the standard pricing, then couples looking for a joint plan should have their problems solved.

Update: a T-Mobile statement says that “right now, for a limited time at T-Mobile, you can get 2 unlimited lines of T-Mobile ONE with taxes and fees INCLUDED for only $100!” Unfortunately, that means that the lower price for two lines is just a temporary promotion.

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