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Today’s your last chance to get T-Mobile’s cheapest Unlimited deal

T-Mobile One pricing deal vs One Plus

T-Mobile made big headlines recently by offering Netflix for free to most of its customers. But in the fine print, there was an important detail: the offer only applies to people paying for multiple lines of T-Mobile One, and the offer didn’t apply to anyone on the long-running two-lines-for-$100 promotion.

That was the first indication that T-Mobile was ending the 2-for-$100 in the near future, and now that time has come. According to PocketNow, two lines for $100 is ending tomorrow, October 4th, which means you’ve only got one day left to get the best-value promo.

Regular pricing is two lines of One for $120. That’s not a terrible deal, especially since it includes free Netflix, but it still isn’t as good as two lines for $100. Even if you have to pay an extra $6 a month for Netflix, you’ll still come out $14 per month ahead if you sign up for two lines today, versus tomorrow.

T-Mobile One is the company’s main postpaid plan, and the only one you can get if you go into a store right now and sign up as a new customer. It includes “unlimited” data up to a threshold of 50GB per month, after which you may see data deprioritized when the cell tower is congested. That unlimited data does have restrictions, though: video is throttled to 480p, and your mobile hotspot speed is throttled to 2GB per month.

You can unlock HD video streaming and 10GB of mobile hotspot data with the One Plus add-on, which costs an extra $10 per month.