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Street racing idiot gets exactly what all street racing idiots deserve

Published Mar 10th, 2017 7:12PM EST
street racing crash

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If you try to turn your local roadways into a makeshift raceway you’re obviously a huge moron, but beyond that you’re also endangering the lives of others. If you want to drive your car off the side of a cliff that’s totally your business, but don’t try to bring anyone else down with you. A group of idiots in Columbia recently learned just how dumb street racing is when one of their crew drove his Mercedes straight into a concrete wall, fulfilling his destiny but escaping with his life.

The video, taken by one of the vehicles following the actual “race” — and let’s be clear here, a bunch of dimwits with no skill driving fast is hardly a race — shows just about everything you need to know, but let’s break it down:

The band of idiots blocks off traffic in a tunnel so that they can face off with their barely-faster-than-a-Prius economy cars. After the main group takes off, a silver Mercedes hammers the gas pedal in an effort to catch up to the action. Said idiot accurately displays his inability to command his vehicle by losing control around a very modest corner and slams straight into the concrete tunnel wall.

It’s hard to call incidents like this “accidents” because anyone with a half dozen brain cells could have easily predicted this outcome. The driver was with his girlfriend at the time (please don’t reproduce, please don’t reproduce, please don’t reproduce…) and both managed to walk away from the incident without serious injury. The Mercedes, on the other hand, was completely destroyed.