If your biggest gripe about modern audio accessories is that they all look the same, you’ll appreciate the idea behind Rockit Logs. Created by World Cup soccer athlete Jay DeMerit, Rockit Logs are each one-of-a-kind speakers built using wood that would normally have gone completely to waste. The bonus is that they’re really, really gorgeous.

Each Rockit Log — which uses either western cedar, fir, or hemlock wood — is both a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless device charger at the same time. The speaker, which DeMerit describes as “audiophile” worthy, is built inside of a piece of “acoustic quality” wood that was leftover from logging operations in British Columbia. The logs are cut, hollowed, stained and polished before being repurposed as boxes for the speakers.


Inside each Rockit Log is a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth hardware, giving them 10-hour battery life on a single charge. The battery can also serve double duty by providing a charge for your phone or tablet on the go, and there are also USB ports for recharging and an AUX audio cord. Each speaker can be customized, and in the debut Kickstarter campaign buyers can choose between dark or light stain, as well as the color of the speaker hardware.

The most basic model of the Rockit Log is priced at $199 via Kickstarter, with an expected retail price of $399 later on. DeMerit has also gotten some pretty notable celebrities in on the action, and is offering autographed speakers from the likes of Steve Nash, Tim Howard, and Eliza Dushku for $499 each, exclusively though the crowdfunding campaign.

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