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This is easily the best Pixel 3a rumor so far

Pixel 3a XL Price vs. Pixel 3

Google will unveil the Pixel 3a series next week, that’s no longer a secret to anyone following Android rumors. The phones haven’t exactly been a secret, as we’ve seen a full review of the Pixel 3a months ago. Since then we saw an increasing number of Pixel 3a rumors, and, if anything, they’re getting more exciting. In fact, one of the latest Pixel 3a leaks is easily the best one so far, as it tells us the phone will be even cheaper than we thought.

We’ve had Pixel 3a price leaks before, and I said at the time that you might be better off considering the Pixel 3 instead. The Pixel 3 is easily going to be the better phone, both when it comes to build quality and specs, and Google keeps discounting it. But the latest leak claims the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL will be a lot cheaper than we thought.

According to the video below from This is Tech Today, the 64GB Pixel 3a will cost $399. The bigger Pixel 3a XL will cost just $80 more, at $479. Google will reportedly sell 128GB versions for each phone, which should be slightly more expensive. But these leaked Pixel 3a entry prices make the phone a lot more exciting.

These affordable Pixel phones will compete directly against mid-range handsets from Nokia, as well as other Android One handsets. But the Pixel phones do have a significant advantage over their counterparts. These are Google phones, so they’ll get Android updates a lot faster.

The clip also mentions some of the Pixel 3a’s specs for both handsets, revealing that both phones will come with headphone jacks and confirming that brand new “Purple-ish” color that leaked a few days ago. The most important thing here is, of course, that 3.5mm headphone jack that buyers will appreciate.

Finally, the report also notes that Google will unveil the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL on May 7th, at Google’s I/O 2019 event.

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