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OnePlus 3 vs. iPhone 6s real-life speed test: It’s not even close

OnePlus 3 vs. iPhone 6s

On one side, we have a reasonably priced flagship phone that features the latest mobile processor money can buy and a whopping 6GB of RAM. On the other, we have the iPhone 6s, a phone with a dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Which one do you think does better in real-life speed tests?

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After YouTube channel C4Tech showed us that the OnePlus 3 is no match for the Galaxy S7 edge in a real-life performance test, we now have a similar test between the newest OnePlus handset and the iPhone 6s. If you think the OnePlus 3 is the speedier of the two, you couldn’t be more wrong. The iPhone 6s blows past the OnePlus 3, even though the latter has a clear advantage when it comes to specs, at least on paper.

Once again, a phone from a company that controls both the hardware and software aspects of smartphone design comes out on top – the iPhone 6s also beat the Galaxy S7 and other devices in similar tests.

But what’s so surprising is that the OnePlus 3 seems to take its time opening some apps. And the memory management is so bad that it doesn’t even keep apps in RAM, so it has to reload them on the second lap in the test. This type of issue probably won’t impact normal usage very much, but these tests show that simply cramming as much RAM as possible inside a phone will not amount to anything good if software optimizations aren’t also there. Thankfully, these sort of issues can be ironed out in future firmware releases.

The comparison test follows below, while the OnePlus 3 vs. Galaxy S7 Edge video is available at this link.

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