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New Google Wallet app finally releases for everyone

Published Jul 24th, 2022 2:07PM EDT

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Back at Google I/O, the tech giant announced that it would once again be reviving the Google Wallet name. After almost two months of waiting, the new Google Wallet app is finally available to everyone.

The new Google Wallet app is finally available to everyone

new Google Wallet appImage source: Google / YouTube

The new Google Wallet app is finally available, but this isn’t the first time that Google has used the wallet nomenclature. In fact, Google Wallet used to be the default way to store your cards and other items on your Android phone. But then, in 2018, the company replaced Wallet with Google Pay (GPay). While Google Pay isn’t going away, Google Wallet will offer more functionality than ever.

Google originally dropped the new app in 39 countries earlier this week. Now, though, anyone with an Android device running Android 5.2 or later can access the app from the Google Play store. The move is part of Google’s attempts to make its payment apps easier to use. Back in 2020, Google added peer-to-peer payments and other features to the Google Pay app. Now, it’s splitting up where you store cards.

Part of what makes the new Google Wallet app useful is the fact that it accepts credit cards and loyalty cards. It can even store your electronic keys, too. Additionally, the Wallet app will let you store your government ID, airplane tickets, and even proof of vaccination. This should make it easier to access those essential items.

Full replacement for your wallet

Of course, one of the biggest concerns with any digital wallet is whether or not your information is secure. Google says that the new Google Wallet app will offer all the securities that Android already offers. It will also encrypt all your purchases to help keep your purchase history secure. But, one thing that Google touts heavily is that Wallet isn’t closed off like some other wallet apps.

Much like the Android platform itself, Google Wallet is open for any developer to develop for it. According to a post by Molly McHugh-Johnson, developers can make almost any item into a digital pass. Google has made a ton of templates they can draw from. And they can turn those generic templates into something more unique if they choose to.

Ultimately, the new Google Wallet app seems like a decent deal for Android users. You’ll still need to use Google Pay for online and peer-to-peer payments. But the Wallet app and the Google Pay app will continue to evolve alongside each other in the coming months.

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