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Quest 2’s latest hand tracking update makes metaverse even more immersive

Updated Dec 22nd, 2022 11:16AM EST
Image: Facebook

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Meta is constantly trying to make the metaverse more immersive. Now, it has provided a new Oculus Quest 2 hand tracking update, which could be a game changer. The upgrade introduces more dramatic improvements to using the VR headset without its controllers. And, if they continue to refine the controller-free mode, it could open the door to more immersive treks into the metaverse.

The latest Quest 2 hand tracking update can handle fast movements much better

Man in metaverseImage source: DIgilife / Adobe

One of the key improvements that Meta focused on is the Quest 2’s ability to better track your hands when moving quickly. We don’t always move our hands slowly, especially when taking part in activities like you might see inside of the metaverse. As such, having the Quest 2’s tracking tech able to follow those movements more closely is important to providing an immersive experience.

UploadVR shared a comparison video of the difference between the Quest 2’s 1.0 release, and the Hand Tracking 2.0 update. The difference is quite startling, with version 2.0 picking up on the movements much more cleanly. Now that it’s picking up on those movements better, it should make not using the controllers more practical.

This is especially important if Meta wants to continue its trek into the metaverse. By focusing on putting people into virtual worlds, it must deliver an experience that full immerses the user. Having to carry around controllers can break that immersion. By making the Quest 2’s hand tracking better, Meta is removing the need for those controllers. This allows users to interact directly with the metaverse as it they were really within that virtual world.

Improved performance without extra issues

metaverse conceptImage source: Chaosamran_Studio / Adobe

Right now, the Quest 2’s Hand Tracking 2.0 is an optional developer upgrade. As such, developers will need to release updates to their apps to enable it. However, Meta plans to make it the default mode later this year.

When that happens, users will be able to jump into their favorite VR experiences without controllers. That will allow them to take full advantage of the immersive nature of VR and the metaverse as a whole. Meta also says that Hand Tracking 2.0 will deliver the performance of High Frequency Hand Tracking. It released that mode last year, and it too required developers to enable it.

Unlike High Frequency Hand Tracking, though, Meta says that the Quest 2’s Hand Tracking 2.0 will deliver that speed and performance without causing any immersion-breaking side effects, such as jitter or FPS drops. Meta has also been working on other ways to improve the metaverse’s immersion, including a pair of haptic gloves.

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