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Leaked roadmaps appear to confirm Intel Arc GPU launch delays

Updated Jan 4th, 2023 12:33PM EST

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Despite confirming and even revealing some details about its upcoming desktop GPUs, Intel has kept most of the specifics hidden. This includes the release date, specifications, and even the price. Additionally, rumors have been swirling that the GPUs aren’t going to release when originally planned. A leaked roadmap appears to confirm these rumored Arc GPU launch delays.

Intel Arc GPU launch delays seemingly confirmed by leaked roadmap

To call Intel’s Arc GPU launch a bit of a catastrophe would be an understatement. Despite underwhelming benchmarks and low expectations, seeing the well-known CPU manufacturer break into the graphics card market has been interesting. Even if there have been a few missteps along the way. YouTuber Moore’s Law is Deadrecently shared a video touching on a leaked roadmap.

According to that roadmap, the ongoing rumors about Arc GPU launch delays haven’t been completely untrue. Based on the information that Moore’s Law is Dead touches on, intel appears to be communicating different information to the public and internally. This has created even more confusion around the company’s new graphics cards. did a great breakdown of the video, noting how the roadmap clearly lists all the known Arc SKU names. And that according to the roadmap, those cards were originally planned for early August. However, Intel is still prepping the first batch of Arc A750 LE cards for its reviewers. As such, it hasn’t shared when the media should expect those to ship out.

Last-minute change of plans

Intel Arc GPUs may suffer launch delaysImage source: Intel / YouTube

Another interesting bit of information revealed by the video is Intel didn’t even know the release date for custom designs as recent as one month ago. According to the roadmap, though, there were at least five models planned. However, no manufacturers have announced release dates or details about any Arc GPU launch delays as of yet.

It will be interesting to see where the Arc GPUs fall with this new information becoming available. Additionally, it will be interesting to see if Intel is able to come out and provide more solid information. With Nvidia and AMD expected to reveal next-generation GPUs soon, Intel’s Arc GPUs need to wow if they want to take off.

But, so far, with all these rumors and now the new details about the Arc GPU launch delays, it’s unclear where the cards might fall when they do finally release.

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