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The scariest weapons discovered in ISIS’s ‘terror lab’

January 6th, 2016 at 1:57 PM
ISIS Terror Weapons Lab Video

The terrorists who make up Islamic State are nothing if not creative. Sky News this week received some video footage showing a secret ISIS “terror lab” where various jihadis are testing out some experimental weapons that they’ll hopefully never get the chance to use on real people. Let’s go through some of the scariest weapons seen in the ISIS weapons lab video.

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Homemade thermal batteries: ISIS’s development of homemade thermal batteries is particularly alarming, weapons experts tell Sky News, because they can be used to recommission surface-to-air missiles that many intelligence agencies have assumed would be unusable due to their age. This revelation is particularly scary if ISIS uses these batteries to recommission heat-seeking missiles that can be used to target passenger planes and military aircraft.

Remote-controlled car bombs: While people in Silicon Valley are working out the technology of self-driving cars, ISIS is working on driverless cars that can be controlled remotely and can be used as bombs. Interestingly, these cars look like they’re being driven by people because ISIS props up a mannequin in the driver’s seat and even equips them with self-regulating thermostats that produce the heat signature of the human body.

All kinds of improvised explosives: Like a more sophisticated version of the Anarchist’s Cookbook, the videos also show jihadis-in-training how to make all kinds of explosives ranging from “TNT, improvised missiles to plastic explosives.” He also goes into detail about the right fuses to use for each type of explosive.

While these videos are certainly unnerving, it’s also good that they’ve wound up in the hands of Western intelligence agencies who can now adapt and adjust their own strategies for combating the group accordingly. To get more detailed explanations of the weapons in these ISIS labs and to see video footage of them yourself, check out Sky News’ full report at this link.

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