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iPhone XS pre-orders aren’t even open, but Verizon already has a killer deal

Pre-orders for Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max open at 3:00AM Eastern Time on Friday, September 14th, and if things go like usual, it’s going to be hard to get even one new iPhone XS. Stock is usually limited for the first month or so of a new iPhone release, so we don’t normally see good deals on the new iPhones until after Christmas time.

But this year, Verizon is breaking with tradition and offering a massive discount to anyone willing to buy two iPhones direct from the carrier. All the usual terms and conditions apply, but if you’re an eligible Verizon customer willing to sign away the next two years of your life, you can get $700 off your second iPhone when you buy at least two new iPhones on installment plans.

The deal is pretty simple: buy two qualifying iPhones from Verizon on installment plans, and you’ll get $700 off the second device. Qualifying iPhones are the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. This isn’t quite a buy-one-get-one-free deal — that’s what you get for smartphones being so expensive these days! — but it is a bonafide massive discount on a pair of new iPhones. Given that the only other deals you can really get right now are on trade-ins, which are often not great value given what you have to trade in, Verizon’s deal is going to be difficult to beat.

The offer is available for new and existing customers, but the catch is that you have to buy both phones on installment plans and add at least one new line of service. If you’re an existing customer, adding a frivolous line of service is going to wipe out most of the savings from the deal. Obviously, that isn’t an issue for a new customer, or someone who legitimately needs a new line.

There are also a couple of other deals on new Apple products, including a bundle on buying a new iPad or Apple Watch:

  • You can get a guaranteed $100 minimum trade-in with the purchase of an iPhone Xs, Xs Max, 8, or 8+ on Verizon device payment. Discount will be applied as bill credits over 24 months.
  • If you buy any iPhone on Verizon’s device payment plan, you qualify for $100 off any iPad with a device payment plan or $50 off an Apple Watch on device payment plan.
  • For a limited time, get 25% off select Beats products with the purchase of any iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch at Verizon. Or get 25% off select Beats products with a new subscription to Apple Music through Verizon. After signing up during the promotional period customers will receive an email with a barcode the next day which is redeemable for the Beats discount.