September, or new iPhone month as I like to call it, is almost here, and we already have rumored dates for Apple’s iPhone 8 event and its release. All we need now from Apple is to finally announce its annual iPhone event, and a couple of reports claim that Tim Cook might do just that on Friday.

Both Apple Insider and MacRumors received anonymous tips that Apple’s CEO was on route to Austin, Texas, on Thursday.

Cook was expected to make AR/VR announcements while in Texas, but also reveal the date for the iPhone 8 keynote.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler has since confirmed that Cook will be indeed in town and that he will announce some sort of training program that will be launched across the United States. It’s unclear at this time what this program is, but Cook probably won’t tell us whether he’s hiding an iPhone 8 prototype in his pocket.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of seeing Cook do something Apple has never done before, and that’s to announce an iPhone event in such a manner.

Apple usually announces iPhone events, and any other keynotes, by sending colorful media invites with supposedly hidden clues that everyone tries to interpret.

Furthermore, Apple usually releases its invites closer to the actual event. Last year, Apple issued them the iPhone 7 invites on August 29th, and the actual keynote was scheduled for September 7th.

It seems unlikely for Apple to reveal the date this early, but stranger things have happened. A report said earlier this week that Apple will hold its fall iPhone presser on September 12th, while a different report suggested the handset will be released on September 22nd.

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