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Amazon just revealed the iPhone 7 before Apple

iPhone 7 Details

We’re still waiting for the Apple event to start, but there’s really not much point left. Amazon just jumped the gun and temporarily put up its page for iPhone 7 accessories, in the process virtually confirming a bunch of details about the new iPhone.

The page is down now, but in the screenshots we managed to get while it was up, you can see a few key details. There’s two different models of iPhone, as expected. One has dual cameras on the back, while the other just has one. The prominent links to Bluetooth headphones is an obvious nod that the long-rumored removal of the headphone jack is also about to happen.

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Other than confirming the double-camera rumors and strongly hinting that the headphone jack is about to vanish, we can also see the colors. Going by the case images, there’s a new jet black color, along with the already existing Space Grey and Rose Gold.

The final thing is a naming change. Amazon refers to the bigger iPhone as the iPhone 7+, rather than iPhone 7 Plus.

It’s unclear how much detail Amazon gets before the event from Apple. Given the company’s history of secrecy, and hiding details from case manufacturers, these images could well just be based on guesses. But if Amazon has a heads-up from Apple, which makes sense — the biggest retailer working with the biggest phone manufacturer! — this could be the first official look at the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Amazon has already taken the page down, but we have a bunch of screenshots from before that happened.