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This sketchy rumor about the 2019 iPhone’s new feature actually makes some sense

iPhone 2019: Triple-lens camera

iPhone rumors that make the rounds months before a new iPhone launch have to be taken with a grain of salt, so any 2019 iPhone rumors should be taken even less seriously. But Apple’s vault of secrets has become way less secure in recent years, which is why we can’t dismiss a new rumor from the Economic Daily News out of hand.

According to the report, at least one of Apple’s iPhone models in 2019 will feature a triple-lens rear camera, much like the one that Huawei featured on its P20 Pro earlier this year. The 2019 camera will supposedly feature 12-megapixel 6P lenses with up to 5x zoom (though it doesn’t specify optical, digital or hybrid zoom). Considering the current-gen iPhone features 2x optical zoom, there’s a good chance this is in reference to optical zoom.

There will be countless rumors between now and 2019 with similar suppositions, but Apple prides itself on delivering some of the best smartphone cameras on the market every year. If triple-lens cameras are the next innovation worth exploring, it would be more surprising to learn than Apple was not at least looking into slapping another lens on its flagship phone, especially with the reactions to Huawei’s P20 Pro being as positive as they are.

The question is whether the triple-lens camera is a priority for Apple as it enters a new generation with the iPhone X and its successors. The second iPhone X this fall is not expected to be a major departure from 2017’s model, so how far will Apple being willing to push next year’s flagship? Will the 2019 iPhone feature three lenses? Will Apple include the in-display fingerprint sensor that has begun to make its way out to market?

It will be nearly two years before we know for sure, but the 2018 iPhone this fall will provide plenty of hints.

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