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A more affordable Galaxy Note 10 ‘Lite’ model rumored for launch in Europe

Galaxy Note 10

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 devices have been out for a few months now, and even though the nearly $1,000 handsets in this lineup are still pretty new on the market Samsung is rumored to be working on a surprising new addition to the series. Surprising, because the word is Samsung is actually going in the opposite direction, at least price-wise, with this new device and planning it as a budget-version of the Note 10.

Per SamMobile, the details are pretty sparse at the moment. This would be a more affordable entry point into the device series for users who want the Note experience, and it calls to mind a similar move Samsung made back in 2014. That’s when the company gave us the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, a less expensive variant of the Note 3. According to this new rumor, the phone which we’ll refer to as the Note 10 “Lite” would be coming to Europe and available in two color variants — black and red. In terms of availability outside Europe in markets like the US, the rumor doesn’t address that at this point, nor a possible timeframe for launching.

For consumers who balk at the notion of devices costing $1,000 and up, this would certainly be welcome news. It should also go without saying: Critical to any release of an affordable version of the Note 10 would be the importance of making sure it doesn’t engage in meaningful trade-offs to achieve the lower price. The standard Note 10 has certainly been well-received, and you can check out our review here in which we describe it as Samsung managing to improve upon its best phone to date.

Samsung hasn’t pulled off something like this since the Note 3 Neo as we mentioned above, and at least on the surface, this sounds like it would be a solid way to make an impressive yet pricey flagship available to even more consumers.

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