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The first big Galaxy Note 10 leak hints at a rear quad-camera setup

Galaxy Note 10 leak

A few details about the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 — assuming that’s what Samsung decides to name the next iteration of its signature phablet — have started trickling in, like its rumored 6.75-inch screen size. And now we have the first big Note 10 leak of this year, ahead of the device’s likely unveiling in August.

Per a new report from SamMobile, the Note 10 is actually tipped to have a four-camera setup on the back, which would make it Samsung’s second flagship of the year with this feature (the first being the Galaxy S10 5G).

SamMobile’s report, we should note, comes with several caveats while also stressing that a few questions remain unanswered. For example, this new device apparently bears the model number SM-N975F. The site notes that since that model number ends with a 5 instead of a 0, like most Note devices, that could mean this number refers to the 5G variant of the forthcoming Note. However, it could also be a reference to a 4G LTE Note variant, since 5G technology won’t exactly be ubiquitous by year’s end.

SamMobile’s report goes on to note that we could see other improvements in the next Note device, such as a larger display. Such a display could be the result of Samsung using an Infinity-O panel that allows for a more expansive screen-to-body ratio. There will no doubt by a flurry of additional leaks in the months to come as we get closer to a presumed August unveiling of this next generation of the phablet.

Leaks have actually been slow to trickle out for the device, with one of the first ones we got in the fall actually not telling us much of anything at all. As we told you here, Samsung reportedly internally codenamed the device “Da Vinci,” which is unsurprisingly appropriate. Since the stylus is a defining feature of Samsung’s Note series of devices, it’s fitting the company would use an artist’s name as the next-gen model’s codename.

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