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Samsung just accidentally revealed its Galaxy F foldable phone in a huge video leak

February 1st, 2019 at 7:31 AM
Galaxy F Release Date

You can tell that Samsung’s first Unpacked press conference of the year is approaching fast because the leaks are getting bigger with each day that brings us closer to the February 20th event. We already saw the official press renders of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ get leaked, but we have something even more exciting for you. A teaser video that Samsung will probably show during the keynote gives us our first look at the Galaxy F foldable phone, which is also supposed to receive a proper announcement at the show. Perhaps even more interestingly, the video teases other Samsung innovations that may be in the pipeline for the near future.

No, the device in the image above is likely not the Galaxy F. It looks like an all-screen tablet that supports stylus input. But it doesn’t look like any tablet that Samsung currently sells. And it doesn’t appear to be a folding device.

The Galaxy F, which is what we keep calling Samsung’s first foldable phone for lack of a better name, is featured during the clip, and right at the end. We’re not given a full look at the phone, but it’s no mystery which device is pictured there:

Image source: YouTube

The video suggests the device will be thinner than we expected. Back in early November when Samsung unveiled the Infinity Flex display and One UI user interface in anticipation of the Galaxy F launch, the company showed us a foldable phone prototype in a bulky case, which suggested the phone could be thicker than other Galaxy phones.

This newly leaked video, which was accidentally posted by Samsung Vietnam before being removed, also suggests the external display will be bigger than expected with tiny bezels. Here’s a look at the prototype Samsung showed in November, which has an external display that is smaller than the one in the video.

Whether the Galaxy F device featured in the clip is real or just a digital render, there is one thing about it that’s strange. The external display stays on even though the user just opened it. I’d assume the external display would go dark when the handset is unfolded. Let’s look at it again:

Image source: YouTube

Samsung showed other interesting concepts in the clip, including a Minority Report-like interface for interacting with computers.

Image source: YouTube

Also, the company featured a portable ultrasound device that could be used together with a mobile device for quick sonograms.

Image source: YouTube

Finally, we also have a phone that may be a concept for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 Lite handset, which should have a flat screen. The image below is pretty blurry because that sequence is kind of fast. Samsung is teasing advanced AR features for its phones, that would support Pokemon-like multiplayer games.

Image source: YouTube

Here’s the full video, which was reposted over on the SlashLeaks YouTube channel after the original disappeared:

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