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Apple Watch sales predicted to keep dominating watch category with 40% increase in 2019

Apple Watch sales

We’re not going to get a specific breakdown of how well Apple Watches are selling tomorrow when the company unveils its latest quarterly earnings results. However, analysts from UBS are out with an estimate of how well Apple’s signature wearable is selling (narrator: “like hotcakes”), in addition to hazarding a prediction about Apple Watch revenue growth next year.

The highlights: Apple will sell around 24 million watches this year, UBS is forecasting. Next year, the company will also see a 40 percent yearly increase in the amount of watches sold, with that number rising to 33 million.

To drive that point home even more, UBS is forecasting Apple Watch growth to spur about 5 percent of Apple’s overall revenue growth next year, which would be the equivalent of Apple selling around 15 million more iPhones.

From 9to5Mac, “The analyst firm also believes the increased price of the Apple Watch Series 4 with its redesigned display will increase AppleCare sales. If the watch costs more upfront, more people will want to insure it.

“Evidence Lab, partnered with UBS, adds that consumer interest for Apple Watch Series 4 is ‘meaningfully higher’ in Japan and Hong Kong compared to last year while ‘slightly higher’ in the US, France, and Great Britain. The report notes that availability for Apple Watch Series 4 has not improved much since launch, something that resolved quickly for Apple Watch Series 3, which is a positive sign for demand.”

The UBS report, meanwhile, goes on to suggest that Apple has an opportunity to win more watch fans in the future, since, as of now, more than 50 percent of buyers surveyed said they’re not likely to buy a smartwatch right now from Apple or any device maker. Apple could certainly try to win those fans over, provided they don’t spring for a rival’s smartwatch if and when they decide to take the plunge and give in to the idea of a wearable.

The quarterly data that Apple shares performance figures for tomorrow, we should also note, will be the first three-month reporting period that includes the Watch Series 4, which went on sale September 21st. And while Apple won’t talk about specific watch sales figures, it will be interesting to see what the company has to say as far as an outlook for the coming holiday quarter.

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