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AI recreates clothing with 95.7% accuracy in breakthrough experiment

Published Nov 27th, 2023 8:36PM EST
AI learning things
Image: phonlamaiphoto / Adobe

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The hype around AI continues to spread, and we’re seeing new ways that AI can make our lives easier and even more productive. The latest experiment to see some success shows that AI can recreate clothing just by looking at a single image of the clothing in question.

It’s an intriguing experiment, and one that the researchers say has shown a 95.7 percent success rate at recreating the clothing that it was shown. The experiment is a two-stage AI system known as Sewformer. The researchers trained it on 1 million images of garments.

All that training seems to have paid off, too, as the system is able to take one look at an image and then essentially deconstruct the clothing to figure out where the various parts come together and which patterns it needs to use to recreate it. This could make AI-made clothing more of a reality than any experiment before it.

Dickies Prime Day men's clothing saleImage source: Dickies/Amazon

Of course, one of the most significant uses this kind of system will see is through virtual reality or the metaverse, the researchers say. This will allow developers to use the technology to recreate digital versions of clothing and then place it in the digital world. This will allow users to recreate real-world clothing in the metaverse, allowing developers and clothing creators to charge for their items in the digital world.

Of course, there are also other possibilities for AI-made clothing, like taking a photo of someone wearing something and then recreating it and building off it to make new designs. A study on the experiment is currently available on the preprint server arXiv.

It’s unclear exactly where the researchers plan to take this experiment from here or if the Sewformer system will see any kind of widespread adoption within the garment industry. Still, it’s really cool to see what AI is capable of when given the proper training and tools.

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