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Yahoo Mail FBI Spying

To spy on users, Yahoo modified tools that were supposed to protect them

October 6th, 2016

Many tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter said they had not helped governmental agencies spy on their users like Yahoo did. Some said outright that they never received such orders and others insisted that they’d never comply if they did. Following Reuters’ initial discovery that Yahoo secretly spied on its Yahoo Mail users …

How To Delete Yahoo Mail Account

How to delete your Yahoo account

October 5th, 2016

Two massive security scandals have hit Yahoo in a matter of days. First, the company acknowledged that hackers stole usernames and passwords for at least 500 million users, and the hack happened all the way back in 2014. Then, a report from Reuters revealed that Yahoo built a software tool that could comb all the …

Yahoo built email spying software for intelligence agencies, report says

October 4th, 2016

Last year, Internet giant Yahoo built software to spy on incoming emails of hundreds of millions of accounts for U.S. intelligence agencies, according to Reuters. Citing people familiar with the matter, Reuters reported that Yahoo complied with a classified government directive to scan YahooMail accounts at the request of the National Security Agency or FBI. …

Yahoo Hack

Massive data breach hit 500 million users, Yahoo confirms

September 22nd, 2016

Yahoo has confirmed that a data breach from 2014 hit 500 million users, allowing hackers access to sensitive information, including poorly encrypted passwords. A press release from Yahoo confirms the news, and follows reports earlier today that Yahoo was set to confirm the breach. If true, stealing the user credentials from 500 million users would be one …

Verizon Yahoo Purchase $5 Billion

After acquiring AOL last year, Verizon will buy Yahoo for nearly $5 billion

July 25th, 2016

If you thought things weren’t going that great for Yahoo, well, you were right. Rumors last week said that the huge internet company was in negotiations with Verizon, which was interested in purchasing Yahoo for nearly $5 billion. Both companies confirmed the deal on Monday, with Verizon paying $4.83 billion for Yahoo’s core business and some …