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New Yahoo CEO pores over every resume to prevent hiring of C-list slackers

Updated 4 years ago

It should be pretty obvious by now that new Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer is not messing around. An unnamed source has told Business Insider that Mayer has now taken control of the company’s hiring process and personally reads the resumes of every “serious candidate” to weed out anyone who doesn’t meet her exacting standards. 

Business Insider’s source says that this has slowed new hires down to a crawl and has even cost the company good talent as a result, but overall he’s sympathetic to her efforts since the company has been content to hire “‘C-players’ who were not ‘fired up to come to work’ and were ‘tolerated too long.’ ” The result of all this, the source said, was that “nobody gave a shit to come to Yahoo.”

Mayer, a Google (GOOG) alum who came over to run Yahoo earlier this year, has been demanding that her employees work longer hours and produce products more quickly than they’ve been accustomed to in the past. At the same time, she has tried to boost employee morale by making food free at the company cafeteria and by giving her employees free iPhones.


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