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vista News

Rest in hell, Windows Vista

Ten years after the half-baked software dumpster fire known as Windows Vista was unleashed on an unsuspecting public, the nightmare is finally over. Microsoft is discontinuing support today, meaning that no new updates >>

Vista stands out as Ballmer’s biggest regret

Steve Ballmer’s tenure at Microsoft has seen plenty of ups and downs, but one down that really sticks with the outgoing CEO was the failure of Windows Vista. ZDNet scored an interview with >>

Microsoft COO: It looks like the iPhone 4 might be Apple's Vista

Sometimes, company executives provide the best one-liners. Microsoft’s chief operating officer, Kevin Turner, was speaking at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington D.C. when he let this little cherub go: “It looks like the iPhone >>

Microsoft announces October 22nd launch for Windows 7

Mark your calendars, Windows fans. Ballmer’s crew has just made the launch date for Windows 7 official: October 22nd, 2009. Since Microsoft first released Windows 7 to the public in beta form (and >>

Expandrive for Mac updated to version 2.0

Back in February we reviewed a great little piece of software for OS X and Windows called Expandrive. In a nutshell, Expandrive makes interacting with FTP servers as easy as interacting with an >>

ExpanDrive: FTP that doesn’t suck

With the advent of intelligent one-to-one file sharing solutions such as Streamfile and the increasing popularity of great cloud storage and sharing solutions such as Dropbox and Syncplicity, FTP’s days are numbered. Why >>