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starliner News

Boeing’s Starliner just can’t stop breaking

December 20th, 2019, was supposed to be a groundbreaking day for NASA and Boeing, with the latter’s Starliner spacecraft making its maiden voyage for the International Space Station. Empty of crew for the >>

Boeing says its Starliner will be easy to refurbish

SpaceX has made a name for itself by producing space-faring hardware that is easily refurbished. The company’s Falcon rockets can be reused multiple times, reducing the turnaround time between launches and lowering costs. >>

Boeing’s Starliner gets thumbs up for Friday launch

Boeing’s Starliner capsule is built to carry astronauts. It’s one of NASA’s two big bets on commercial crew vehicles, with the other being SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. The race between Boeing and SpaceX has >>