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  1. Screwdriver Set Amazon
    13:47 Deals

    Amazon shoppers rave about this 22-in-1 screwdriver set that’s down to $18 today

  2. Surge Protector Amazon
    15:01 Deals

    Brilliant $30 Amazon find expands a power outlet without an ugly power strip

  3. Kasa Smart Home Sale
    12:05 Deals

    Amazon’s massive Kasa smart home sale has deeper discounts than Prime Day

  4. Smart Lock Amazon
    10:32 Deals

    eufy’s Smart Lock Touch is stunning, and it has one feature you can’t get with…

  5. Best Beach Towels For Sand
    09:02 Deals

    You’ll never go to the beach again without this $17 Amazon find from a viral TikTok


NBC plans to launch its own free streaming TV service in 2020

January 14th, 2019

We’re one step closer to complete market saturation as Bloomberg reports that NBCUniversal (which owns MSNBC, CNBC, Syfy, USA Network, and more) plans to launch a free streaming service next year. The service will have ads, but NBCUniversal says that there will be an ad-free version available to users as well for a fee. As …

Comcast NBC Pricing unfair

One Senator makes a good case for breaking up Comcast-NBC

December 20th, 2017

The current trend in the telecoms/media industry is for the giant cable companies, which distribute content, to merge with the actual owners of said content, creating one wildly anti-competitive ball of profit. Vertical integration makes a ton of sense from a business perspective, but it makes life harder for start-ups that want to offer cable-alternative …

The Walking Dead NBC

NBC wanted to take the zombies out of ‘The Walking Dead’

August 29th, 2016

Whether you love The Walking Dead or have a love-hate relationship with it, be thankful that it was picked up by AMC instead of NBC. Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd discussed what could have been if the show had stayed at NBC, where creator Frank Darabont had an overall …