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memory reset

Illinois teen’s memory resets every two hours after head injury

September 16th, 2019

Of all the types of injuries a person can sustain, head injuries tend to be the scariest. Scientists have learned a lot about how the human brain works, but there are still many uncertainties. That’s especially true when it comes to brain injuries, where a person can appear medically healthy but still exhibit dramatic cognitive …

how to remember better

Want to remember something important? Shut up for a minute.

May 3rd, 2018

Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes the harder you try to remember something, the farther away from recollection it feels, and other times you can easily recall totally obscure moments of your life with perfect clarity. Now, researchers from Heriot-Watt University believe they’ve discovered a connection between how well we remember something and the conditions …

1TB RRAM Memory for Smartphones

Forget the cloud, researchers are working on 1TB memory for smartphones

July 24th, 2014

What if your smartphone shipped with 1TB of memory, which would be not only be able to store all the digital content you want to carry with you at all times, but would also be faster and more reliable? Researchers from Rice University are already working on such technology, MIT’s Technology Review reports, having discovered …

Samsung acquires memory maker Grandis

August 3rd, 2011

Samsung announced on Tuesday that it has purchased Grandis, a maker of spin transfer torque random access memory (STT-RAM). Grandis will be wrapped inside Samsung’s existing research and development branch where it will continue to work on memory semiconductor technology. According to its website, Grandis “holds a unique, broad patent portfolio in STT-RAM, including key …

Images, specs of Verizon’s DROID Incredible 2 leak

March 15th, 2011

Images and specifications of Verizon’s next incredible handset — the HTC DROID Incredible 2 — have made their way onto the Internet. The crew over at AndroidSpin have acquired four images of the device along with a handful of specifications. What can we expect from the DROID Incredible 2? The site’s source asserts that the DI2 …

Your EPIC 4G questions answered

August 18th, 2010

Yesterday, we posted our first impressions of Sprint’s Samsung EPIC 4G. In said article we asked you to communicate to us questions you had about Sprint’s second 3G/4G handset, and you delivered. We’ve compiled a list of 19 questions from the post and have done our best to answer them for you. Hit the jump …