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Mars News

NASA’s Curiosity rover is on a road trip

NASA is sending its Curiosity rover on a journey to a new area of Mount Sharp, the massive peak that sits in the center of the Gale Crater. The journey is short by >>

Mars rover spots Earth from a distance

NASA’s Curiosity rover took a photo of the night sky and managed to spot both Earth and Venus. Curiosity is aging, but it’s still going strong and continues to make new discoveries on >>

The swirling rocks of Mars are mesmerizing

NASA shows off an area of Mars where the wind has swept away the surface dust and sand to reveal the intricate layers of rock hiding beneath. These rock layers were created by >>

Scientists explain mysterious ‘lava flows’ on Mars

Volcano-like features on Mars may actually be the result of mud flows rather than lava, researchers now say. Using simulated Mars conditions, researchers were able to create mud flows that look a lot >>