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Audi Crash: RS3

I have no idea how the driver walked away from this 125mph crash

October 12th, 2017

The Russian dashcam genre is well-worn on LiveLeak by this point, so anyone wanting to get their third-person thrills needs to try something new and far more terrifying: watching wannabe race-car drivers go straight off the track at 125 miles per hour. The car in the video above was driving on the former Chimay Street …

audi aicon

Audi’s new all-electric car looks like it belongs on Mars

September 13th, 2017

High-end automakers build some pretty wild concepts on a regular basis. Most of the time they look a bit goofy, and oftentimes you wouldn’t actually want to be seen on the street behind the wheel of them. Audi’s new all-electric “Aicon” concept car is both eye-catching and absolutely gorgeous, and if mankind inhabits Mars at …

Audi A8 traffic jam autopilot vs Tesla

Audi’s new A8 will drive through traffic jams for you

July 15th, 2017

Semi-autonomous driving systems like Tesla’s Autopilot are all the rage these days. In advance of fully autonomous vehicles taking over our roads, automakers are pushing systems that can do the driving for you in specific circumstances. The newest is Audi’s new A8, which debuted at the Audi Summit in Barcelona this week. The car is …