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Crazy video: Service technician goes on a joyride and snorts coke in a customer’s car

Audi Service Technician Cocaine Joyride Video

Have you ever taken your car in for servicing and found something amiss with it afterward? Even if you have, you’ve hopefully experienced nothing like what one Audi owner went through when he found traces of a mysterious white powder found in the seams of his car’s seats after picking it up from the Audi Palo Alto servicing center. But the true horror came when he checked his dashboard camera’s video and learned that the service technician seems to have snorted cocaine in his car before taking it on a joyride.

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The owner put footage of the whole thing up on YouTube. You can check out the highlights reel below:

At the start of the video, the technician gets in the customer’s car to take it out for a test drive. He revs up the engine and says, “This is gonna be fun!” At this point, we have no idea just how right he is about this particular prediction.

Once he hits the road, he immediately starts gunning it to see how fast it will accelerate while impishly giggling to himself. He then pulls over into a parking lot and can be heard snorting something and moaning right afterward. Combine this with the white powder the customer found in his car when he got it back, and you can put two and two together.

After this, he drove back to the dealership but not before he once again jammed his foot on the gas pedal and accelerated to 67 miles per hour on a road with a 25-miles-per-hour speed limit.

It goes without saying that this is not standard operating procedure for service technicians and that this particular technician will probably be a former employee by the end of today.

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