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Healthy raw arugula salad with avocado, radish, bell pepper, tomato and Roquefort cheese.

Salad recall: Find out if your salad kits need to be thrown away

August 16th, 2022

Salad kits see frequent recalls, and contamination with dangerous bacteria is often the reason why. But the Fifth Season Crunchy Sesame Salad Kits recall is different. The product doesn’t contain any microorganisms that could cause illnesses. Instead, it comes with a dressing packet that contains milk and egg without declaring the two ingredients. People who …

Speed of light in the city of London

This physicist actually slowed down the speed of light

August 16th, 2022

In 1999, a Danish physicist named Lene Hau did the unthinkable. She slowed the speed of light. It was a remarkable move that completely changed our idea of universal constants. Since then, Hau has repeatedly proven that we can manipulate the speed of light, even going so far as to stop it, move it around, …