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Animal crackers cookes in a bowl.

Animal crackers sold in 7 states hit with new recall

September 5th, 2022

After a recent animal cookie recall, it’s time to pay attention to a similarly themed Animal Crackers recall. The former was due to the discovery of metal contamination. But the new animal cracker recall has a different cause. The product contains coconut, a potential allergen that is not listed in the ingredients on the label.

no limit netflix

6 new Netflix releases coming next week that’ll have everyone talking

September 3rd, 2022

From star-studded feature films to more true-crime content and the return of at least one high-profile Netflix original series, the coming week is jam-packed with a slew of new Netflix releases for subscribers to enjoy. As we do each weekend, we’ve picked out some of the highest-profile and most interesting titles hitting the streamer over …

These hideous little bugs are invading California and biting people’s feet

September 3rd, 2022

Reports of tiny and aggressive isopods have been surfacing in Southern California. The “mini-shark” isopods, known officially as Excirolana chiltoni, or water-line isopods, have reportedly been attacking the feet of beachgoers visiting Mission Bay. Citizens around the area say the tiny bug-like creatures swarmed their feet when they put them in the water, biting and …

Disney World

Disney may copy Amazon with its own Disney Prime program

September 1st, 2022

Disney is considering a membership program similar to Amazon Prime for its own products and services, The Washington Post reports. The program will reportedly offer users discounts and special perks, as Amazon Prime does for Amazon shoppers. If you’re not convinced that Disney was at least partially inspired by Amazon, the report also claims that …

deep ocean with light coming in

Alien tech could be hiding at the bottom of the ocean

September 1st, 2022

Alien tech could be on Earth already. At least, that’s what some astronomers seem to think. Eight years ago, a meteor that astronomers believe was roughly two feet long crashed into the Earth. The meteor exploded into tiny meteorites, which then fell into the South Pacific Ocean. Now, one astronomer by the name of Avi …