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Want to get paid $10,000 to take a vacation? Apply for your chance by tonight

Travel deals

As more people continue to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, some aspects of pre-pandemic life are starting to return. Such as an uptick in leisure travel, with planes that are more full these days and travel destinations around the country seeing an increase in visitors — eager to finally break out of their 18-month-long coronavirus bubble. Of course, the prevalence of the Delta COVID variant may put the brakes on this for a little while longer. At least, for some would-be travelers. For those of you who feel like you can safely venture out of town now, though? Well, now might actually be the time that some of you are on the hunt for solid travel deals.

So how’s this for a great offer? One company is promising to pay two people it chooses a combined $10,000 to stay in multi-million dollar homes over the course of a 10-day trip.

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Travel deals don’t get much better than this

That company is the short-term luxury rental service AvantStay, which is accepting applications for this gig through tonight (July 22). The deadline is 11:59 PST, and applicants must be 21 years old or older. One of the only other requirements is that applicants be “social media-savvy, with plenty of experience posting to TikTok or Instagram Reels.”

Here’s how to apply: Head over to the company’s application page. You’ll need submit up to four TikToks or Instagram Reels that make the case for why you and a partner should be chosen. That’s because, as we alluded to above, this will be a two-person travel deal. It could include your significant other, a friend, a parent — whoever. Also, you’ll need to submit a paragraph explaining why you think AvantStay should pick you.

What the winners get

According to AvantStay, the winners will be put up at three upscale vacation homes in Coachella Valley, California, and Scottsdale, Arizona, for 10 days. While also visiting other incredible properties along the way.

“In addition to complimentary stays at Moonshine, Primrose, and Black Rock, we’ll cover all transportation costs and provide meals through our concierge fridge-stocking service,” the company’s website explains. “The duo will experience and document fun activities organized by the AvantStay team. Think hot air balloon rides, private chef dinners, and poolside massages!”

The video below explains a little bit more about what certainly sounds like a dream job. But, again, this should not be construed as a tacit stamp of approval of some kind that travel is safe and back to normal and everyone should go out like they used to. Do pay attention to your local circumstances regarding the virus, vaccination rates, and the like, as well as being aware of those same trends wherever you’d like to travel to.

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