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Where does Tiger Woods rank in worst celebrity mugshots?

tiger woods mugshot

Tiger Woods was arrested earlier today on suspicion of DUI in Jupiter, Florida. The 41-year-old, once stellar golf superstar has been sidelined for some time following a string of back injuries and operations. His most recent surgery was a success according to Woods, and while he’s prohibited from even twisting his upper body for the next few months, he still plans on making a pro golf comeback. As CNN notes, it’s unclear if Woods actually tested positive for any intoxicating substances, but his arrest brings with it a pretty serious question nonetheless: exactly how bad is this mugshot?


Okay, so, looking at this purely from an analytical perspective, there are a number of things that make this a pretty bad photo. The sullen eyes, half-beard, and poof of hair at the top of his dome all come together to paint a picture of a man who isn’t quite where he wants to be in life. It screams “I know this photo is going to be on the front page of CNN, and theres nothing I can do about that.”

As rough as the photo is — and who wouldn’t be feeling like absolute garbage if you got arrested for suspicion of DUI — Woods jail snapshot isn’t remotely the worst of the worst. Here are just a few celebs who came off looking far worse, aesthetically speaking:

Nick Nolte 

Vince Vaughn

Flavor Flav

A disheveled Tiger Woods definitely ranks above all of these shining examples of bad mugshots. That being said, Woods’ photo still isn’t great. Some celebs manage to look just like their normal selves in their jailhouse profiles:

Michelle Rodriguez

Justin Bieber


So what’s the verdict? Well, I’d put Woods somewhere in the middle of the pack. It’s not a great photo, but it’s certainly not the worst. One the one hand, seeing the photo in the context of potential drunk driving gives it a boost to the bottom, but if you told me that you woke Woods up at 3 am and asked him to pose for a photo, I might believe that as well. Whatever the case, it’s certainly no challenger to the all-time king of celeb mugshots:

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