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The ‘Netflix for planes’ offers unlimited air travel for a monthly fee

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 9:12PM EST
Netflix For Planes
Image: Mr.TinDC

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A new company named OneGo is hoping to do for air travel what Netflix was able to do for movies: Provide an all-encompassing service for a recurring monthly fee. Primarily geared towards business travelers, OneGo offers unlimited travel within the United states via all major U.S. airlines. So in that sense, it’s essentially Netflix for airplanes.

The service truly sounds like great idea, but there are a few wrinkles you should be aware of.

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For one, the travel options are broken down across regions, which is to say if you want a national plan that gives you the freedom to travel anywhere within the United States, you’ll need to fork over $2,950 a month. Cheaper plans are available, but you’ll be limited to certain geographic regions. For instance, if you want a monthly pass across the east side of the country, that’ll cost you $2,300. Meanwhile, a pass if you’re keen on travelling out West, you’ll be slapped with a monthly fee of $1,500. And last but not least, traveling up and down the central United States will cost you $1950.

Second, not every pair of cities is covered by the service. “Not every route in the U.S. is covered by OneGo,” Mashable notes, “the [700] routes are the most popular, so if you’re looking to get to Podunk, Middle-of-Nowheresville, this service is not for you. But for travelers who frequently hop between the top 76 airports in the country, this service could quickly pay for itself.”

Other pricing tidbits to be aware of is the fact that there’s a one-time $495 account setup fee. Additionally, flight cancellations might set you back $100.

Once you’re a monthly subscriber, booking a flight is seemingly straight forward. Simply fire up the app, enter in your origin airport and destination, pick a convenient time to travel, and just like that, you’re all good to go.

While the service obviously isn’t for everyone, it does offer up a unique take on air travel that we haven’t yet seen before. If you have any questions about this nascent service, make sure to check OneGo’s website over here.

The cities supported by each respective region can be seen below.

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