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Hero Dad builds incredible Ghostbusters Proton Pack replica for his son

Updated Nov 22nd, 2019 4:28AM EST

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The new Ghostbusters movie is set to premiere one week from today and it will be incredibly interesting to see how the film holds up at the box office. Somewhat surprisingly, the family friendly reboot has stirred up no shortage of controversy in recent weeks. Not only have some die-hard fans of the original criticized the upcoming film for its casting choices (read: some people aren’t on board with an all-female cast), others have lambasted the film’s trailer for being uninspiring and dreadfully unfunny.

You would think with so much craziness happening in the world these days that people would learn to chill a bit when it comes to something as unimportant as a Hollywood movie, but alas, here we are.

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All that aside, many folks are excited to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and see what a Ghostbusters movie in 2016 brings to the table, including an enterprising dad who built a replica Ghostbusters Proton Pack in just 3 days.

What makes the entire contraption all the more impressive is that it was built using random items that this hero-dad just happened to find around the house.

“The goal was to finish the project in one weekend,” the dad explained in a thread on the DIY subreddit, “primarily use ‘free’ materials found around the house, create something that approximated the proton pack, and keep it light enough for my son to wear comfortably.”

And here’s what he started out with, some old remote control cars, some Nerf paraphernalia, a Frisbee and more. Note that not every item here ended up in the final design.

And as the project took shape, here’s how it looked.

“Layout the primitive shapes to get a feel for size and scale. Proton gun at far right might be built from broken cell phone holder for car, Nerf rifle piece, stomp rocket tube, ear bud packaging.”

Also note the use of a dog bowl located towards the lower right. And right above it you’ll note a small brown circular object that is actually the top of a Peanut Butter jar.


Flash forward a bit, and the final product looked something like this, an A+ effort if we’ve ever seen one. But give how much work went into this awesome build, make sure to check out the Reddit thread to see the full work-flow that resulted in this rather impressive Proton Pack replica.

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