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If you have this popular spice in your cupboard, throw it away now

Published Feb 10th, 2021 3:12PM EST
food recall
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  • Some popular brands of basil are being recalled due to the potential for parasitic contamination.
  • The basil was imported from Colombia and sold under multiple brand names, and it may be contaminated with Cyclospora parasites. 
  • Symptoms of Cyclospora infections can include severe diarrhea, fatigue, and intense pain.

A very important food product recall has been initiated for a popular spice that was sold across multiple U.S. states. Basil grown in Colombia and imported by Shenandoah Growers, Inc., is being recalled due to the possibility that it is contaminated with a particularly nasty parasite called Cyclospora.

The basil, which was sold under the brand names Shenandoah Growers by That’s Tasty, That’s Tasty Pasta Blend, Simple Truth, and simply That’s Tasty are included in the recall. The products affected by the recall come from four specific lots, so if you purchased basil recently and one of these brand names sounds familiar, you’re going to want to check out the lot codes to see if the spice you bought is safe to eat.

A Cyclospora infection, called Cyclosporiasis, can produce a multitude of uncomfortable symptoms. Individuals that come down with the illness complain of intense abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, cramps, fatigue, and even watery diarrhea. The good news is that antibiotics can typically clear up the infection in short order, but identifying the specific cause of an illness with such nonspecific symptoms can be challenging for doctors, possibly prolonging the discomfort of the patient.

According to the official recall bulletin, the product was sold across Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. It was sold for only two days before the issue was identified, so if you purchased basil on February 3rd or February 4th of this year, your odds of being affected just went up.

The company notes that you can check the lot codes on the basil to confirm whether or not it is included in the recall. The following lot codes are the ones being recalled at this time:

  • PV40515 1034     
  • PV40515 3034     
  • PV40515 4034     
  • PV40515 3035

If you purchased basil under one of the above brand names and it does not have one of these lot codes, it is considered safe to consume at this time.

“This recall notification is being issued due to a single instance in which a sample of bulk product was pulled at the port of entry in Miami and tested by the FDA as part of routine surveillance and indicated the potential presence of Cyclospora,” the recall bulletin explains. “Affected Shenandoah Growers customers have been notified of the recall and instructed to immediately remove and discard recalled products from all store shelves, distribution and other inventories to ensure they are no longer available for sale or consumption.”

Individuals that purchased the recalled product are advised to discard it immediately. You can contact the company using the phone number on the bulletin to request a refund.

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