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This brilliant website tells you what to make for dinner based on what’s in your fridge

March 2nd, 2017 at 8:02 PM
dinner ideas

How much do you hate coming up with dinner ideas after a long day of work? If you answered anything other than “I hate it more than anything on this planet” then you’re probably not human. That’s fine, but the rest of us will do just about anything to have the great dinner mystery solved for us, and now there’s a website that recently took Reddit by storm because it pretty much does exactly that. It’s called MyFridgeFood and if it’s not the most brilliant dinner solution ever devised, it’s pretty darn close.

The idea here is that, since it can be so insanely frustrating to hunt down recipes that seem decent only to find out you’re lacking one or more ingredients, MyFridgeFood takes all the ingredients you know you have on-hand and gives you recipe options based on those items. It’s the way all recipe sites should work, because it provides options for meals that you can make literally right now instead of some hypothetical time in the future when you already went shopping for the required ingredients.

Aside from being an extremely powerful database of on-demand recipes, the site is actually a lot of fun to just play around with even if you’re not in a last-second dinner panic. You can find all kinds of interesting meal ideas here, including – and I’m not making this up — “Oreo Cereal,” which is literally Oreos in a bowl with milk dumped over them. Okay, so maybe some of the suggestions are silly, but when the only ingredient you select is Oreos, what do you really expect?

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