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Just when you thought Comcast couldn’t get any worse…

Why Is Comcast So Bad

We really shouldn’t be surprised by nightmare Comcast stories anymore… but somehow the company keeps coming up with creative ways to deliver terrible service. The Philadelphia Inquirer brings us the story of Louis Moravec and Susan Thauer, two Philly residents who had an impossible time getting Comcast to actually come out to their new place and hook them up with Internet services. In fact, what should have been a simple one-afternoon process ending up taking three weeks and an estimate 50 hours on the phone with Comcast customer service representatives.

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How could Comcast possibly mess up such a simple procedure? It’s difficult to really understand — in fact, it almost sounds like the company is handing out copies of Kafka’s The Penal Colony to serve as an employee handbook.

“When technicians did show up, they repeatedly came without the right cables or equipment to outfit the newly built house,” the Inquirer reports. “When they didn’t show, the couple heard what seemed like bizarre excuses. They were told, for instance, that when a service rep offered an emergency appointment, the rep was merely making a request to dispatchers free to turn it down.”

Comcast finally got its act together late last week and offered the couple a public apology by saying that this performance “was unacceptable on a number of fronts, and we are digging into what happened so we can address and correct for future customer interactions.”

Although Comcast may call this sort of thing “unacceptable,” it’s far from the first such incident we’ve seen in recent months. In fact, instead of “unacceptable,” we’d label this latest incident to be 100% Comcastic.

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