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Video: Steve Jobs biographer takes back Apple criticism after calling Google more innovative

January 31st, 2014 at 5:30 PM
Walter Isaacson Interview Apple

Walter Isaacson, who is best known for writing the authoritative biography of Steve Jobs, is walking back some of his criticisms of Apple. A couple of weeks ago, Isaacson said that Google had taken over Apple’s role as the tech world’s biggest innovator and suggested that Apple would have already released another game-changing product by now if Jobs were still the CEO.

“Steve Jobs was a disruptor,” Isaacson said at the time. “I think that now Tim Cook has done this big thing in China, he’s got two things to do now: take over the company … In the late February shareholders meeting, they probably have to start thinking about who should be on the board next. This board is all Steve Jobs’ people. They aren’t exactly the Tim Cook fan club. Second, he’s got to say ‘What am I going to disrupt? Is it going to be wearables? Is it going to be a watch? Is it going to be TV?’ We ought to see, in 2014, Apple do something huge.”

Now, however, 9to5Mac has spotted an interview that Isaacson did with Bloomberg TV this week in which he says that while Google is a very innovative company, “innovation ain’t everything.” Instead, Isaacson says that execution is more important and that Apple still executes its products better than any other company around.

The video of Isaacson’s interview is posted below.

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