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Sprint’s Black Friday deals are great, if you like Sprint

Published Nov 23rd, 2016 11:38AM EST

In an announcement that was definitely not similar to T-Mobile’s yesterday, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure unveiled Sprint’s Black Friday offerings. The deal it’s showing does actually look pretty great, provided you like Sprint’s service.

The network is offering free phone lines providing you port three or more numbers. Basically, you pay  $60 for your first unlimited* phone line, $100 for two lines, and then the third, fourth and fifth lines are free.

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If you’re transferring an entire family’s worth of phones, this deal isn’t half-bad. $100 for five lines works out to $20 per line (check out my math skills!), which really isn’t bad for that much unlimited* data. Of course, Sprint’s plan, just like T-Mobile’s, isn’t actually unlimited — your video and music is throttled, hotspot data is limited, and heavy users are subject to throttling at peak times. But provided you don’t rely heavily on the mobile network to watch HD Netflix videos, it should provide all the mobile data you need for a small amount of money per month.

The bigger issue is if you really want five lines on Sprint’s network. The latest report from OpenSignal, a company that uses crowdsourced data to show real-world performance of cell networks, puts Sprint firmly in last place among the big four networks. Sprint’s the worst on network availability and download speeds across the country, although city-by-city performance varies a little.

Still, if Sprint’s service isn’t bad in your home city and you have a couple of lines on the same account, this deal could be a particularly cheap way to get plans for the next year. The $20-per-line pricing lasts until January 31st 2018, so you’re only tied into Sprint for the next year. If you’re after cash up-front or a new device, however, T-Mobile’s Black Friday offerings might be a better look.