Usually when a company like Samsung looks to battle a partnership like Apple and IBM, they’ll want to team up with another company. That isn’t the case today as Samsung has decided to go it alone against them with a new services venture called Samsung 360 Services for Business.

On Tuesday, Samsung unveiled the Samsung 360 Services for Business. This will allow for support of enterprise customers using smartphones, printers, and any other related Samsung business products. This bold new initiative comes in the wake of the partnership that Apple and IBM announced in July in which IBM said both companies would unite to sell Apple products to business oriented customers.

Robin Bienfait, chief enterprise innovation officer for Samsung Electronics, told CNET that businesses are “looking for somebody who can come to the table and bring expertise in different areas and [be] that one partner they can work with” and not just “one partner that’s just going to come in there and say, ‘hey, for this to work, you need all of my stuff.’ “

To help with this new service rollout, Samsung is deploying 10,000 employees to get it started by pushing new devices, integrating systems, helping companies with new software, and dealing with the problems that arise with something of this scale.

Time will tell if Samsung is successful in its new endeavour. Taking on a partnership between Apple and IBM is one tall order.

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