Event if it’s not yet available to gamers yet, Sony’s PlayStation Now cloud-based game streaming service may get a whole lot better in the future, a new patent filed by Sony last March, and discovered by Re/code, indicates. Titled “Suspending state of cloud-based legacy applications,” the patent shows ways through which game developers could include additional content in older games that are played using a cloud streaming solution, without having to mess with the code of the legacy game. The system would allow Sony to stop the game at certain intervals, save its progress in the cloud, bring the new mini-game to the forefront, and then move back to the older game.

In such a way, Sony would be able to freshen up games that may have already been completed by players, offering them incentives to play the same titles again.

Sony “Suspending state of cloud-based legacy applications” patent | Image credit: USPTO

Announced on Tuesday at CES 2014, Sony’s PlayStation Now service will bring PS3 games to various connected devices including Sony consoles and TVs, but also mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. PlayStation Now will use Gaikai’s cloud gaming technology to stream the games to these devices, and offer a console gaming experience even on devices that don’t have console-like hardware.

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