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MobileScrobbler for iPhone / iPod Touch Gets Big Update

Updated 4 years ago
Published Feb 7th, 2008 7:14AM EST

It’s funny that Windows Mobile users have a mediocre player, S60 users have absolutely no access, and yet the closed environment that is mobile OS X now has an application that is likely the best option available. Sam, a 24 year old developer out of New Jersey has been working on MobileScrobbler for a while now. What started as a way to scrobble tracks as they play in the iPod app has quickly become an awesome portal into nearly all that has to offer. The latest build, version 1.40, features a laundry list of improvements and enhancements. To start, the entire interface has been redesigned and now gets an A+. Tons of functionality has been added as well, such as shortcut access to recent station lists, several ‘top’ lists, love and ban history, play history and plenty more. You can also browse your friends list, access each friend profile and stream stations based on their recommendations, playlist or neighborhood. Beyond the plethora of streaming now supported, MobileScrobbler 1.40 also adds the use of multitouch gestures! Fully configurable, two-fingered swipes and pinches can now control functionality such as skipping, loving and banning. The settings have fanned out a bit and as such they’re now accessible through the main settings app. MobileScrobbler is available on the developer’s site and through the community sources repo in Installer. Of course, you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch to use the app, but MobileScrobbler alone should be more than enough reason to jailbreak.


Zach Epstein
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