We’re used to seeing The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon do plenty of funny tech-related bits, some funnier than others, so it’s not surprising to find out the star sort-of chose video games and other distractions over actually paying attention to Nicole Kidman when the two first met.

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A 9-minute clip from the episode that aired on January 6th is already viral on YouTube, having received more than 7 million hits. Fallon and Kidman hilariously narrate their versions of that first date, and laughter ensues, as both react to the other’s story version — Fallon’s reaction is particularly funny, as he’s apparently never known he actually missed out on dating the actress.

“You’re there in a baseball cap,” Kidman said, “and you wouldn’t talk, and I’m like ‘ok so’ and then you put a video game on or something!”

“It was bad. After about an hour and a half I thought, he has no interest, this is so embarrassing.”

The entire hilarious video follows below.

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