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‘Weak demand’ reportedly forces HTC to cancel Surface-sized Windows RT tablet

HTC Windows RT Tablet Cancelled

Windows RT has for a while been the awkward third wheel of the Windows family and consumers have so far avoided buying devices based on the tablet-centric operating system. Now unnamed sources tell Bloomberg that weak demand has forced HTC to cancel its plans to produce a larger Surface-sized Windows RT tablet, although the company still plans to make a smaller 7-inch Windows RT tablet that it can sell at a lower price. Bloomberg’s sources say that HTC executives got spooked about producing a larger Windows tablet after Microsoft’s own Surface RT tablet posted disappointing sales. Given HTC’s struggles over the past year and given the fact that its Facebook-centric HTC First smartphone already looks like the biggest tech dud of 2013, it’s not surprising that the company is taking a more cautious approach to where it’s investing its resources.

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