One of the best things about video games replicating real world locations is finding out just how close they come to capturing a perfect digital representation of those places. For example, the city of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5 is based not-so-loosely on Los Angeles.

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One photographer from GTAist has made it his mission to show off the incredible similarities between the real city and the fake one, traveling around Los Angeles taking pictures of the buildings and landmarks that have been converted to digital scenery in GTA 5 and making a series of interactive slides using his photographs.

As expected, Rockstar did a pretty good job bringing Los Angeles to life in its incredibly successful sequel. If you want to interact with the pictures, be sure to head to GTAist. You really can’t get the full effect until you start dragging the slider back and forth.

By the way, in case you lose track of which side of the picture is real, just look for the iFruit logo on the phone. The inclusion of the phone in these photos is a stroke of genius, especially with the UI from the game present on both the real and fake devices.

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