Why is it that every single time you’re in the car and you need to charge your phone, at least one passenger in your car also has to charge his or her phone? Every. Single. Time. You always want to be a generous host and offer up your car charger plug, but sometimes your phone is running on empty and you have no choice but to refuse.

Now, you can charge not one, not two, but three devices in your car at once using this tiny device from Amazon, which is currently on sale for 79% off list.

The EasyAcc 3-port car charger is exactly what it sounds like. Insert the tiny device into any car charger port and it will instantly be transformed into three USB ports. Plug in any device that can be charged with a USB cable — every iOS and Android phone on the planet included — and you’re good to go. Best of all, this adapter is surprisingly compact, so you won’t have to worry about an unsightly accessory hogging up space in your car.

EasyAcc’s 3-port charger comes in five different colors. Two of them are priced at $6.99 and the other three will cost $7.99 each.

EasyAcc 3 USB 26W 5.1A Car Charger, $6.99 with free Prime shipping