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10 awesome paid iPhone apps that are all on sale for free today

Best Free iPhone Apps

This has been a heck of a week for paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free, but it’s not over just yet. Friday’s list includes 10 terrific apps that are normally all paid downloads, but each and every one of them is free right now for a limited time.

And it 10 apps aren’t enough, there are still a few apps on sale for free in yesterday’s post.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Free Music Stream Pro

Normally $0.99.

Stream YouTube & Soundcloud content together in unlimited playlists created by you! No ads, no In App Purchases, no worries!

Download Free Music Stream Pro

Shoot by ProCam

Normally $0.99.

Shoot by ProCam is a powerful manual camera designed with the photography purist in mind. Shoot offers a distilled camera experience through a streamlined UI, pro specs, and blazing fast performance. If you’re looking for the best manual camera controls and the highest photo quality, then Shoot is the app for you.


– Manual exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance controls.
– Tap location accurate manual focus assist / zoom.
– Unprecedented manual adjustments precision achieved through a scroll and steppers system inspired by DSLR cameras.
– Highest quality photos with uncompressed lossless TIFF file format support.
– Intelligent 3-shot HDR.
– Live light level histogram.
– Live shutter speed, ISO, focus, and WB values.
– Selftimer / shutter delay.
– Thirds grid and horizontal tiltmeter.
– Fill torch light.
– Metadata / EXIF reader.
– Direct photo sharing – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Messages, and Mail.
– Today Widget for quick launch from the lock screen.


– Only 4:3 aspect ratio supported.
– Video recording not supported.
– Aperture on iPhone is fixed and cannot be manually adjusted.
– Shoot is not a universal app and has not been optimized for iPad.

Download Shoot by ProCam

Cosplay Central

Normally $0.99.

Cosplay Central™ is a MUST for ALL Cosplayers across the world!

Create a list of Events noting whether your Going/Maybe or Not Going, what date its on, location and what Cosplay your’ll be wearing.
You can even add the event to your iOS Calendar or even share it to your social media accounts.

You can organise your current and future cosplays noting whether their Planned/In Progress or Completed and once you have a nice collection of cosplays you can assign a cosplay to each event so you know who your’ll be cosplaying as that day.

You can input the total amount spent on Event/Accommodation and Travel then the app will calculate the grand total of each Event and even give you the total of all put together (for events set to “Going”) so you know how much your’ve spent.

I still have so much planned for future updates to give you even more control over your Events and Cosplays to make it even easier and simpler.

Download Cosplay Central

FX Photo Studio

Normally $2.99.

FX Photo Studio is the biggest collection of photo filter effects available on iPhone, with stickers, borders, fonts, textures and frame effects to help you snap the perfect photo.

Whether you’re looking to take the perfect selfie or create professional-quality pics with filter effects, FX Photo Studio from Macphun is the only mobile editor you’ll ever need.

Dive into the most amazing collection of filters and effects available on for your phone! Easily turn your pics into vintage shots, apply stickers and textures with a touch, and crop and edit photos in seconds. Achieve unique styles by combining different filters and effects. Personalize your favorite memories with text in a variety of fonts. With over 200 premium photo filter effects available, you’ll always take the perfect photo.

FX Photo Studio can be as flexible as you want. Edit pictures like a pro with a color edit and any unique camera filter or snap a selfie for friends. With stickers, textures and text built-in, it’s also the perfect selfie editor.

Create unique masterpieces and by editing your favorite memories with FX Photo Studio!

FX Photo Studio Features:
Over 200 Premium Photo Filter Effects
– Vintage
– Unique 3D effects
– Groovy Lo-Fi
– Color Lenses
– Hollywood FX
– And many more

Edit Pictures to Make the Perfect Photo
– Crop pics
– Add borders on pictures for extra style
– Unique textures for a variety of looks
– Adjust brightness and contrast
– Bring color pictures to life with Saturation and Hue
– Edit pics with text in many fonts

Make Your Selfie Shine
– Never take a bad selfie again
– Distorted mirror effects
– Blur and tilt-shifts
– Vignettes
– Painting and pencil effects
– Stickers

Make Pics Pop With 3D Effects
– Unleash your creativity with 5 brand-new 3D editing options
– B&W 3D
– Red and Green 3D
– Bokeh
– 3D Glitches

Endless Flexibility
– Adjust the intensity of filters
– Combine filters and effects for unlimited creativity
– Adjust filters mask
– Create your own presets
– Download presets from other users

Other photo editing apps can’t compare to the flexibility and power of FX Photo Studio. Discover your inner artist with premium camera filter fx, add text on photo images and use the powerful color editor to make your snaps look like they came from a pro.

Create your own unique masterpieces with as many filters, effects and other options to help you express yourself and whatever you’re trying to capture. Download FX Photo Studio and unleash your creativity today!

Download FX Photo Studio

Phone Doctor Plus

Normally $0.99.

* All-new function. Come and appraise your iPhone.
* Quick and precisely checks 27 iPhone hardware items.
* System monitor: Shows you the hardware, battery, memory & storage health
* Smart prediction of battery life: The more you use, the more accurate the prediction will be.
* Network status: Connected but can’t open webpage? Phone Doctor Plus can tell you where the issue comes from.
* Battery: Extend battery life and save battery usage.
* Network usage History: Data and Wi-Fi daily and monthly usage monitor.
* See video trailer:

***** Tests of 27 Hardware Items & Sensors *****
1. Multi-touch
2. Earphones & Microphone (patented) : Automatically check the audio system from 300Hz to 12000 Hz by feedback system & FFT algorithms.
3. Speaker & Microphone (patented): Automatically check the audio system from 300Hz to 12000Hz by feedback system & FFT algorithms.
4. Receiver & Microphone (patented): Automatically check the audio system from 300Hz to 12000Hz by feedback system & FFT algorithms.
5. Call function: Check if the iPhone can connect to base station.
6. Accelerometer: Check if the iPhone can detect the acceleration and gravity.
7. Gyroscope: Check if the iPhone can detect the orientation.
8. Proximity Sensor: Check whether the proximity sensor can normally detect the approach of your face and shuts down the screen to avoid sense errors.
9. Compass: Check the stability of the compass.
10. Storage: Check the Storage speed.
11. Memory: Make sure the memory access speed is ok.
12. Spec Check: To confirm if it’s the exact iPhone spec you bought in case of any spec error.
13. CPU: Use a benchmark to test performance.
14. Camera
15. Vibration (patented): Automatically check the vibrator.
16. Flash (patented): Automatically check the flashlight.
17. Earphone jack: Detect if the earphone jack can detect the insertion of earphones.
18. GPS
19. 3G/4G chip: Detect if the 3G chip can connect to the base station.
20. Wi-Fi: Detect if the iPhone can connect to Wi-Fi AP.
21. Bluetooth: Check if Bluetooth can be turned on and connect to other iDevice.
22. Silent & Volume Control Button: Test mute and volume button.
23. Home Button
24. Sleep Button

Download Phone Doctor Plus

Wrist Counter

Normally $0.99.

A simple counter for the Apple Watch to keep track of scores, pitches, points, or anything else you can count. Easily keep track of counting 2 things on your Apple Watch or 4 things on your iPhone.

– Dual counters on Apple Watch
– Quad counters on iPhone
– Change the increment that all counters use (i.e. count by 2’s)

To clear the counters on you Apple Watch simply press and hold on the Apple Watch and choose Clear Top, Clear Bottom, or Clear Both

Download Wrist Counter


Normally $0.99.

Peace is a surreal exploration through sounds such as rain, log fire, ocean waves, streams, wind, thunder, animals, bells, and etc.


Current themes:

Baby sleeping
Tropical forest
Thunder storm

Download Peace


Normally $0.99.

This is a simple app that does one thing well:

– Quickly check your iPhone battery status on your Watch by swiping up on your Apple Watch clock-face
– No need to take your phone out of your pocket/purse just to check the battery status
– You can check if your phone is charged from across the room. No more getting off the couch just to see if your phone is charged.

That’s it! Simple and useful…

Download BatteryGlance

DayCost Free

Normally $4.99.

Three seconds a bill. Fast, Security and Easy to use is our aim, and iOS notification center widget.

Apple Watch:
You can create incomes and expenses from your Apple Watch. The Glance shows your expenses of today, this month.

◎ Three seconds only: pull down, fill money, choose category
◎ iOS notification center widget: you can easily account when iPhone lock screen
◎ Support more than 160 kinds of currency, conversion exchange rate automatic updates
◎ Calculator: built-in calculator, more convenient and faster
◎ Full gestures: fast billing basic
◎ Humane beginners guide: for special operations, we guide the way through the animation + text, more intuitive, easier to understand
◎ iCloud backup & restore
◎ Dropbox backup & restore
◎ Export data to CSV via Email

◎ Expense & Income bills can be added photos
◎ Income, Expense, Transfer, the others have
◎ Graphical reports, allowing you to easily view the balance of payments situation year / month / week
◎ Budget management: give yourself a reason to control consumption
◎ A variety of color themes and wallpaper, allows you to fully personalize
◎ Custom categories and consumption expenditure accounts, more in line with your needs
◎ Supports iPhone & iPad
◎ Daily reminder

◎ Easy copy history through gestures and automatically positioned in the day consumption date, you only need to modify the money can be. of course, you can use the existing money saved directly
◎ You can also add categories and account when billing editing, click on the banner to change currency

If you give up because of difficulties
If you give up because of busy
If you want to know where expenses
If you want to save money
If 。。。

Try our “DayCost” it, she will be your best assistant

Download DayCost Free

My Data Widget

Normally $0.99.

A simple widget that provides information about your cellular and wifi usage of the month/day/week.

– Daily cellular data projection indicator (NEW)
– Daily wifi usage
– Daily cellular data usage
– Monthly cellular data usage
– Set cellular data limit
– Warning notification
– Tap to expand widget
– Data upload/download breakdown
– manually set cellular usage
– 7 day chart breakdown
– Ads only on the setting page

Download My Data Widget

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